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Oleg Solovyov

Professional Art Director

Professional art director should possess such qualities as creativity, ability to understand the design,, good taste and ability to skillfully guide the activities of staff. This is both a creative person and a professional manager, has innovative thinking and responsible approach to work.

Tasks art director

Creative directors carry out their professional activities in the following areas: advertisement, polygraphy, a television, art, the Internet, entertainment industry, video games, etc..

Among the main tasks of an art director:
• The development of an original idea of ​​certain goods or services.
• Creation of advertising and design models and sketches.
• Creative and effective design of presentations, conducive to eye potential customers to a specific product.
• The planning staff of his department, as well as the preparation of monthly and annual reporting.
• Control over quality and turnaround time.

Get the job done qualitatively, Creative Director must first well-versed in the art, design and advertising. He must have good taste and sense of beauty. Also very important in the work, and such qualities, as the ability to find creative and effective solutions to various problems, creative thinking and skills of the artist.

My experience

During the long years of their professional activities I have gained experience in building design layouts of varying complexity and the necessary knowledge, thanks to which I can successfully lead the creative department.
I have extensive experience as Head of design department, and can cope with the task of any complexity. Successfully perform their duties allow me:

• The ability to reach out to anyone.
• Responsible attitude to work.
• A good artistic taste.
• Creative approach to work and extraordinary thinking.
• Ability to lead a group of people.
• Organizational skills.

You can trust me with even the largest and most important projects. I guarantee high quality and efficiency performance!

Design resource booklet Trans

Design resource booklet Trans

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