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Oleg Solovyov

Creating a corporate branding and logo

Sophisticated style - the basis for successful brand

Want to, so customers always recognizable companies? Over the years, an individual may get lost among competitors, but not in your case! Make me to develop a competent brand book and save efficiency of corporate style for years to come.

How to achieve recognition of the company?

Corporate Identity - a set of text, color and graphic information, provides the visual unity of the enterprise. The goal - to create a unique image, differentiates the company from competitors, and provide brand awareness. It includes logo, trademark, slogan and other elements.

Over time, the company is expanding its retail or regional network, there are new divisions and units. Then outlined new advertising campaign, and there is a set of visual elements, impeding the brand identity. To avoid losing corporate identity, You need to have a thought-out plan, which reflects the full procedure managers and marketers.

Such a document is a brand book - a comprehensive guide to the use of corporate identity (business documentation). He describes the brand concept, target audience, especially positioning, and other information, necessary for successful interaction with the consumer. He is able to maintain or increase the recognition of the company.

Work on branding:

my ability

For many years, I am an art director and designer in various fields (advertisement, animation, photos, etc.). Rich practical experience, creative thinking and understanding of modern advertising trends allow me to develop a quality BrandBook, which is sure to lead the business to success. He will emphasize individual style and will meet all your needs.

I can also create a guide for the proper use of the brand elements in different media (Gaidlain). If you change some of the details, it will preserve the single corporate identity for a long time.

The results are qualitatively prorated brandbook:

• building trust companies - clients notice, that it develops, but retains its individuality;
• increase the level of sales;
• conquering new market positions;
• improving the financial condition of.

Why do I need to apply it to me?

You can get a well-researched BrandBook or Guideline at an affordable price. Individual approach and high quality guaranteed. Other advantages of the cooperation with me:

1. Careful attention to every idea. My goal - to help make the corporate identity of a spectacular, selling and memorable. Successfully cope with it for many years.
2. The presence of individual style, corresponding to modern marketing requirements.
3. Ability to obtain information about the work done at any stage.

Call toll-free number 8 800 700 50 31 or leave your request at the site. I'm always glad to its customers!

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