and Art Director
Oleg Solovyov

Creating individual packaging

packaging design as a way to motivate sales

To order the package design, which will be a good marketing tool? You need professional services? Always at your service designer and art director - Oleg Solovyov. I have the strength to cope successfully with the project of any complexity, because I have many years engaged in design.

The role of packaging in sales

Tara is not only needed to give presentation, product protection against damage during transport and environment. In fact, it performs a number of marketing functions, pursuing a common goal - to increase sales.

On my site you can order a design for packaging:

1. Product - made of wood, glass, textiles, metal. Paints are transmitted clearly and stored for a long time. I will create an image, which will look appetizing and attractive, causing the desire to buy a product.
2. Chemical - different corrosive properties, as the packaging must be strong, reliable, stable to the stored means. Figure is applied to them by a special technique, but me the strength to develop effective design, even for such surfaces.

What kind of package you get

I do packaging design, which will meet all your needs, emphasize individuality, It will help make the brand recognizable. Before you start, I spend a little analysis of competitors' offerings. This allows you to keep track of the style trend, and create a truly unique and unique project.

Package design, developed by me, successfully solves the following tasks::

• attract the attention of potential customers;
• formation of positive opinion;
• challenge the credibility of the manufacturing company;
• motivation to buy.

During the execution of the order I apply the knowledge and experience, accumulated through many years of work in the field of graphic design, as well as the position of art director. A responsibility, punctuality, the ability to quickly find effective solutions - are my strengths, to help achieve this goal.

When ordering from a professional development package, You will be able to arouse the interest of new target groups, increase sales. The result - the rapid growth in profits. Properly thought-out design, appropriate corporate identity, a positive effect on the company's image, which increases customer loyalty.

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