and Art Director
Oleg Solovyov


Development of design of a multi-site enterprise

Development of design of a multi-site enterprise

Home, tank containers Operating Park, chemical, gas, food. company's news, news detail, calculator and cost calculation. 2 submenu, main and secondary. Page contacts, Interactive Map and feedback. Repair of containers, pressroom, media center and details. freight, Management and employee card details. About company, Personal Area, error 404 and site map. Multimodal transport and advantages.

Responsive design for all types of screens

Large computer monitor 1200px, 992px laptop, tablet 768px and 320px phone.

multimodal freight Forwardingnews chemical, Gas and grocery goodsmedia center car fleetleadership Website Design Park tank containers Contacts and mapnews in detailкалькулятор additional submenu

fix tank containers pressMedia Center details

guide detail submenuо компании Personal Area error 404 and site map

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