and Art Director
Oleg Solovyov

Creating a unique website design

Developing an effective design for your site

Web site design - is not only an attractive shell with advertising text. The user should feel comfortable on web-page, easily perceive the information and quickly find all, that he is interested in. I offer you professional development web portal design, taking into account all the criteria described above.

about this site:

Proposal for a variety of web-resources

Do you need a responsive design, ensuring correct display on different devices and browsers? Only interested in high quality? I have a wealth of experience, why I am developing sites of any orientation. I You can order design:

1. Landing Paige - a landing page, containing advertising information and feedback form for application. Designed to promote products and services. Landing Page is typically a one-page site, but if necessary can be a link to your web-resource.
2. Site-card - a resource for small businesses, wishing to place information about goods and services, contacts, Price List. Advantage - efficiency and minimum cost.
3. Shop Online - Portal, which are displayed in the electronic catalog of goods and services. Visitors can place an order online and make payment.
4. Corporate site - the official representative of the organization in network. It contains all information about the field of activity, offers, promotions. additional Features: forum, delivery, poll.
5. Site-board - designed to showcase products, services, vacancies, CV, etc.. The purpose of use depends on the client's wishes.

My approach to work

the main goal, I followed during the design development of the site - to competently work through usability. Successfully solve any problems I help skills, accumulated while working as art director. It is the ability to reach out to every person, understanding of the true needs of the client, a responsibility, the ability to organize work properly.

What distinguishes my design?

The project was created by me featuring a unique, effectively emphasize corporate identity. Attractive and memorable interface creates a positive impression, It inspires confidence and makes you want to stay on the site. Due to the smart arrangement of information blocks information is perceived simply. Visitors will quickly find a specific section, feedback form (if it is provided) and will be able to contact you easily.

What do you get, ordering a website design I?

Decided to order the development of online store, Landing Page or other resource I, receive a unique opportunity to interact with the clientele. Each site is fully compliant with, requirements for design. Individual approach and creative thinking make it possible to turn it into a powerful tool for profit.

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